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Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) 2009

The Ultimate Fighting Championship is a tournament showcasing Mixed Martial Arts (MMA) as a sport. It was first introduced in the United States in the year 1993 led by the Ultimate Fighting Championship® (UFC®) organization. The participants of the game are composed by skilled athletes in the various disciplines of martial arts including karate, jiu-jitsu, boxing, kickboxing, grappling, wrestling, sumo wrestling among others. The winner of the tournament wins the title as the “UFC 2009 Champion.”

Once the UFC was launched, the sport gained enormous fame and support from people of all ages and across the globe. It grabbed immense interest in Brazil and Japan where these bouts became major events. Over the years, the sport has gathered a wide variety of audience due to its vast media coverage from television to the World Wide Web. Now, on its fourteenth year of operation, this year, UFC 2009 is expanding its horizon and getting more countries to participate. In fact, apart from Japan it plans to stretch its claws of Asian invasion in India. With this thought of expansion, more and more UFC enthusiast will exalt and who knows in this areas will emerged the next hailed “Ultimate Fighting Champion 2009”.


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