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81st Oscar Academy Awards Live Online Streaming - Anyone?

The first Academy Awards ceremony was held at a private dinner on May 16, 1929 at Hotel Roosevelt in Hollywood, hosted by actor Douglas Fairbanks and director William C. DeMille, with an audience of less than 250 people.To be qualified in the Academy Awards, a film must open in the previous calendar year, starting from midnight of January 1st, until the midnight at the end of December 31st in Los Angeles County, California.

The 2009 Oscar Academy Awards Winners will receive the Oscar statuette, called the “Academy Award of Merit”. Made of gold-plated britannium standing on a black metal base, it represents a knight holding crusader's sword depicted in Art Deco style, standing on a reel of film having five spokes (which represents the Academy's original branches, namely the Actors, Directors, Producers, Writers and Technicians).

At first, the nomination results were announced publicly in early February, and since 2004, the results were announced in late January. This time a lot of people are rummaging around for the Live Online Streaming of 81st Oscar Academy Awards and many have claimed that they do actually have. I’ve been doing my research also and so far I’ve not been successful myself so I guess I’ll just have to wait for the 81st Oscar Academy Awards Replay Videos.


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