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Oscar Awards 2009: 81st Annual Academy Awards

Amidst the crisis that the movie industry is undergoing, the 81st Annual Academy Oscar Awards 2009 is set to air on February 22, after the nominees were cast last month. Though a lot of people were in doubt of how the event would push through after the Screen Actors Guild casted a strike authorization allowing actors to go on strike, the awarding ceremony would happen earlier than expected.

The Oscar Awards 2009 has an interesting roster of nominees. A big name maker last year, Heath Ledger, for his rendition of Joker in The Dark Night that overshadowed the lead actor Christian Bale (who did not get any nomination, by the way) and the young actor's (Ledger) untimely death, got a nomination for best supporting actor. Also, buzz maker Angelina Jolie got a best actress nomination for her movie Changeling while Brad Pitt's The Curious Case of Benjamin Button got him a best actor nomination. Pitt's film also earned a lot of nominations in the best picture, best director, best adopted screenplay, and other categories. Jolie's two movies, the Changeling and the animation movie Kung Fu Panda, also got their share of nominations in this year's award ceremony.

All are expecting what will happen in the 81st Annual Academy Awards this year. This will test how movies and the thrill of award giving ceremonies can divert people's attention from the current financial and Hollywood crises.


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