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2009 NBA D-League Dream Factory All-Star Game

The NBA D-League Dream Factory All-Star Game is a groundbreaking skills competition patterned after the popular NBA All-Star Saturday Night. The NBA Development League Dream Factory All-Star Game features three events. First is the H.O.R.S.E., wherein each round is capped at 5 minutes, and uses a 24-second shot clock. A player mimics the shot made by another player, and is given a letter (for ex. “H”) if the first shot is missed, until he misses the five shots and spells the word “HORSE”. Next is the Slam Dunk Contest, which consists of two rounds of two dunks each, beginning with each dunker giving his two best dunks and choosing a fan from the audience to choose the first dunk to be performed in the first round. Scores will be tallied for each dunker and the ones with the highest scores will compete in the championship.

The last game in the NBA Development League Dream Factory All-Star Game is the Three-Point Shootout, wherein each player will have 60 seconds to sink up to 21 three-pointers from seven stations for shooting (each of which will have 2 orange balls for 1 point, and one “money ball” for two points) placed around the three-point line. The “money ball” will be shot only if both orange balls have been shot.

In the 2009 D-League Dream Factory All-Star Game, James White (Anaheim Arsenal) got the Slam Dunk Contest off to a great start and scored a perfect 100 points, closing the round with a full-court windmill jam. In H.O.R.S.E., Will Conroy (Albuquerque Thunderbirds) dethroned Lance Allred, winning with a through-the-legs-off-the-backboard lay-up. In the Three-Point Shootout, Blake Ahearn (Dakota Wizards) scored 22 to 19 against Rio Grande Valleys' Ernest Scott.


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