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The Phoenix NBA All Star 2009

For the third time, Phoenix will host the NBA All Star 2009. With the usual All-star Game, the Rookie Challenge and the much awaited Slam Dunk Contest, fans are desperately holding on to their seats awaiting the day of the event.

Playing for the NBA All Star Game 2009 are Chris Paul, Kobe Bryant, Amar'e Stoudeire, Tim Duncan and Yao Ming with Phil Jackson as coach for the Western Conference All Stars. And for the Eastern part, Allen Iverson, Dwayne Wade, LeBron James, Kevin Garnett, and Dwight Howard will play with coach Mike Brown. The Eastern All Stars have three first timers in the event while the Western All Stars opted more for experienced players.

As for the rookie challenge for the NBA All Star Games 2009, Wade and Howard will be coaching the rookies and sophomores, respectively. It is quite interesting to note that the Sophomores only have one center in the persona of Al Horford of the Atlanta Hawks as opposed to Gasol, Lopez and Oden for the Rookies. Does this mean that Horford's experience can and will outplay the three centers of the fresh meats?

For the highlight of the Phoenix NBA All Star Games 2009, the slam dunk event, Howard, Robinson, Gay and Fernandez will try to wow the crowd with tricks that they have prepared in their jerseys. One question holds the fans wondering, will Robinson's 5'9” height bring some disadvantages in the exhibition? Or, will it put the other taller players to shame?
There's only one answer to all of the the questions that curious basketball fanatics have over the roster of players in the NBA All Star match, and it's all available on the 15th of February if they just open a beer or two and enjoy what is in store for them.


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