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$10 Valentines Day 2009, Anyone?

For people who are experiencing the tight global crunch, Valentines Day 2009 is but a century away. However, you do not really need much money to make your partner feel how much you love them. Below are things gathered from different expert sources that you can try out to help you enjoy February 14 without shedding all your cash.

• Rent video/s that you and your partner have been dying to see, one for each of you. If it is possible, you can borrow these videos if you know people who have them. The movies really do not need to be romantic. No, you do not need to be in sync with the whole Valentines 2009 spirit just to have a successful date with your partner. Just enjoy each other's company and the movie that he/she likes. The movies could be a way for you to get to know your partner much better.

• Drive to a place with a spectacular view. You can just stay for a while at that place and marvel at the breathtaking scenery. Or, you can add some fun and prepare a sandwich party together. Munch on the sandwich, talk a bit, cherish the ambiance and just be captivated by the whole situation without being too mindful that it is Valentines Day 2009.

• Do some tasks together. You could clean the house together, fix some stuffs together or just do the arrangement of the furniture together. Being able to do something as a couple aside from making your relationship work is very important to help the two of you see how good your chemistry is. Just remember, if you try to do this kind of thing on Valentines Day, make sure that you and your partner have agreed to do the task beforehand and you prepared something for him/her – a nice massage, a relaxing bath and a simple but hearty meal.

These are some two-cents worth of affordable activities that you can do with your partner this Valentines Day 2009. There are still a lot of other activities that you can try to help you enjoy each other's company. The main idea is that relationships do not depend on how much you can spend for a person, because if it does, then that relationship is not that worth it. At the end of the day, when everything is at its worst, you always want to see somebody who would sit down, talk things out and have some laughs with you on special occasions and ordinary days.


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