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Darwin Day 2009 Celebration - Charles Darwin's Birth

If you are wondering what February 12, 2009 Darwin Day Celebration is all about and why a lot of people are excited over this event, first try to imagine a world without Charles Darwin and his contributions. What would had happen if he wasn't born on this day.

  • Communities believing in the Creationism Theory would not have a hard time making people believe that we all came from two people who did nothing but fill the world with children.
  • Biology class would have been easier since we would not have a lot of animals to memorize and the chapter all about evolution would not have existed.
However, on the downside and more unselfish reasons, a lot of things would have also been missing. People's view on how the world, animals, plants and human beings would have been very different – fast resistant and evolving infections would be difficult to cure, our concept of origin would have been one-sided, and among others.

Since in the late 1990's, more and more people join in celebrating Darwin Day. This year, however, the event marks the 200th anniversary of Charles Darwin himself and the 150th anniversary of the publication of his much debated book, On the Origin of Species. For somebody who has been regarded as an icon in the science world, bicentennial and centennial marks on his life and work, respectively, would mean a celebration that should make mark in all detractors and supporters alike to remember.

In 34 countries worldwide, 388 events are scheduled to hit all year round in support of the momentous and historical Darwin Day 2009. These events range from congresses, dinners, BBQ's, lectures, tributes, advertisement campaigns and anything imaginable that could point people to the grand celebration of Charles Darwin's contribution to humanity.


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