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Marlon Brown: Football Player

Marlon Brown is today one of football's most talented players to surface in the field. Hailing from Memphis, Tennessee, Marlon Brown is perhaps Harding Academy's best football player yet. Weighing 205 pounds and towering over 6'5”, he uses his God-given physique to go with his speed, flexibility and toughness; making him a very difficult opponent for linebackers and defensive backs. Marlon Brown is well-known for his versatility in the game: he can play as a quarterback, running back, slotback, on defense, and he also returns kicks and punts. Despite being a wide receiver, he can be moved by the coaches in any of these positions that he'll be interested in.

Marlon Brown is considered by his team as a “very intriguing” player who can already be considered as an “athlete” for the versatile skills he displays in the team. His physique makes him a big and strong player in the game, coupled with his speed. He uses his size to shield defenders from the ball. He shows good toughness in the field, fighting for the ball while in the air and he's also willing to go over the middle. He possesses a good upper-body strength that will overcome smaller defensive backs for jump balls. He has sufficient change-of-direction skills and makes great plays with the ball in his hands which gives a winning streak for his team, making him a valuable player in the game. He has recently signed up with the Georgia Bulldogs.


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