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Manny "Pacman" Pacquiao Visit to London Itinerary

The Pound for Pound King Manny Pacquiao left manila to be in London this weekend. Pacquiao's business in London will be the 3 day promotional tour for his upcoming super fight with UK’s very own Ricky Hatton in The East meets West - Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton, May 02 Las Vegas Nevada Fight. Before leaving for London, Pacquiao is taking a long deserved rest at one of the best hotel in Makati city prior to getting on the plane for his flight abroad to meet all the “appearance commitments”. Prior to his flight to London, Manny Pacquiao already had a list of all the itinerary during his tenure in London. The following itinerary will be:

24/7 Shooting At Westminster Abbey

Off to Manchester
Face off of Both Fighters at Trafford Centre

Lunch At 'Lulong Pinoy' (Earl's Court)
Jinky's Shopping Spree (Harrod's/Oxford Circus)

10:00 Visit To Philippine Embassy (Trafalgar Square)
10:30 Presscon (Imperial War Museum)

Even if Pacquiao thinks that London would be a territorial disadvantage for him since Ricky Hatton comes from that country, he is excited to visit one of the most boxing fanatic place in the world. The scheduled fight will be held in Las Vegas, Nevada and sadly a lot of Filipino fans will not be able to watch it live on MGM Grand Hotel Garden Arena. It would be nice however if we can find and watch
The East meets West - Manny Pacquiao vs Ricky Hatton Live Stream Online to avoid the painfully long and boring advertisements of sponsors in local television as opposed to hassle free Streaming Videos Online.


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