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Watch UFC 111 Live Matches

Watch Frank Mir vs Shane Carwin cards Interim Heavyweight Championship as this undercard fight has a strongly attracts crowds. Aside from the St. Pierre vs Hardy Live championship bout, this fight is one of the reason why UFC 111 Live Stream payperview is on demand. MMA fans are curious and excited to know who will eventually challenge Brock Lesnar for the Heavyweight Championship title. If Carwin succeeds in toppling Mir, then he might just become the next champion. If Mir perseveres and emerges victorious, then the most awaited rematch between him and Lesnar is not too far off from the future.

Many are also looking forward to the undercard matches, since these also feature various fighters that show a promising career in the UFC. Featured in Spike TV will be New Jersey native Ricardo Almeida, who will be taking on Matt Brown in the welterweight preliminary rounds. Also televised will be welterweights Nate Diaz and Rory Markham who will also be facing each other in UFC 111 Live.

Many fans were disappointed following a news announcement that Thiago Alves will be pulled out of his fight with Jon Fitch. This was due a pre-fight CAT scan performed on Alves which showed some irregularity in an artery of his brain. Due to the pull-out, Fitch was requested by Ben Saunders that the former become his opponent for the match. Jake Ellenberger, who was scheduled to fight Saunders, was no longer part of the event but was promised his “show” and “win” money following the last minute changes.


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