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Bahrain may have opened the racing season for the Formula One Gran Prix, but it's in Melbourne that racers are setting their sights on the championships.

A lot of racing enthusiasts are looking forward to the results of the 2010 Formula 1 Qantas Australian Grand Prix Live Stream race. It has been known that most of those who have ended up at the top in this country's Grand Prix also became victors in the championships. Not to mention the fact that the four past winners of the race all clinched the championship cups. That's why a lot of racers are vying for the top spot to set the direction this year's races will go.

After an exciting yet, lacking performance witnessed by racing fans in Bahrain, a lot more is expected from the stars of F1 Australian Grand Prix Live at the Melbourne track. Particularly from Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso.

Will the winner be the unstoppable Lewis Hamilton? Lewis Hamilton is not the one to back down. Based on the results of the Bahrain Grand Prix qualifying rounds, Red Bull is the fastest car at the moment. Given the changes in racing regulations this year, it might just be possible for him to pull of a great performance.

Or will it be the brilliant Fernando Alonso? A lot are expecting Fernando Alonso to sweep the competition away with his driving. After all, with his win at the Bahrain Grand Prix, Ferrari will be the the standard in speed. And with his incredible driving skills, he might just pull of a win this time.

Can it be possible for Mark Webber to climb the podium, or will he fail to clinch his home Prix? A lot of questions are being raised. And this upcoming race may just be able to answer them without a doubt. So Watch F1 AUSTRALIAN GRAND PRIX LIVE STREAM now


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