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Oscars Awards 2010 Nominees

The movie world is swarming of films out there, but this year, the 82nd Academy Awards 2010 live is hoping to get a good catch by “casting their nets wider”, as what president of Academy President Sid Ganis, has pointed out. The nominations will not be officially announced until February, but of course, if you are one ardent viewer of the Oscar's and if you are a confident film hoarder, then you would not help but conjure your own predictions for the Academy Awards Best Picture nominees.

For the year 2009 up to recently, here are some of the films which will surely get two thumbs up as Oscars Awards Best Picture nominees:

Nine is a musical directed by Rob Marshall which revolves around the story of Guido Contini (Daniel Day-Lewis), a renowned film director that is at the peak of his career but is having a diffecult time juggling his women icluding his wife, mistress, flings, and even his own mother.

Directed by James Cameron, Jake Sully is a paraplegic war veteran who ventures the world of Pandora. Working for a military unit which aims to drive away the Na'vi natives of that land to exploit its potential mineral resource, he infiltrated the Na'vi village by “merging” with an avatar which looks like the natives but somewhat resembles him too. Jake learns the culture of the inhabitants of Pandora and falls in love with one the natives. When the onslaught against the alien world by mankind started, Jake suddenly found himself standing up for Pandora and fighting off his own race.

Inglorious Basterds
“You've never seen war unless you see it in the eyes of Quentin Tarantino.” This director's recent work, Inglorious Basterds, centers on vengeance upon the cruelty of the Nazis by a woman who whose family was murdered when she was young, and a group of military man calling themselves “Basterds”, aiming only one thing: Exterminate the Nazis. Exterminate them real bad.

Up in the Air
Starring George and directed by Jason Reitman, Ryan Bingham is an expert in firing people but things take a threatening turn to his life just when he is about to get his ten million flyer mile and the woman of his dreams.

The Hurt Locker
Set in Iraq, a group of the best bomb squad experts paly a cat in mouse game in a place where anyone could be an enemy, anytime could be your death, and anywhere could be your burial ground – if they could successfully put your body back into pieces after explosion. The film is directed by Kathryn Bigelow.

This Lee Daniel film is a story about a sixteen year old African-American girl who struggles to get on with life despite the difficulties and harshness of reality..

A film by Clint Eastwood, Morgan Freeman takes on the role to act out the life of the renowned leader Nelson Mandela.

This animated film by Pixar is about a young boy, an old man, and a house so full of balloons that it flies off. The main characters discover a little of each other despite th age gap and the evident grumpiness of the old man at first.

An Education
This film by Lone Scherfig is a coming of age story of a teenage girl in the 1960s who found love in a playboy who is almost twice her age.

A Serious Man
This is a black comedy which revolves around the life of Larry Gopnik, a teacher who faces a bot-so-usual problem when his wife threatened to leave him because his brother won't leave the house. The film is directed by Ethan and Joel Coen.

So what films are your bet? Keep the list alive until you can Watch Oscars 2010 Live Streaming this weekend.


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