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Klitschko vs Chambers Live Predictions | Results

Before the boxing world tune in and Watch Klitschko vs Chambers Live Stream Online, I have decided to post my predictions on the outcome of the fight. If there is something bias to be said about this fight, Eddie Chambers will be needing a miracle to go against Wladimir Klitschko.

The challenger will try to survive the fight rather than win because there is a definite possibility that he will lose. The game plan cooked up by Chambers' camp against Klitschko might be easier said than done. Chambers will need to attack and be aggressive against Klitschko. Chamber's boxing style is not really the best one to counteract Klitschko's skills. He may be able to survive the initial blizzard, but the American will end up losing around the tenth round, either through a straight knock-out or by technical.

Eddie Chambers is obviously one of the three most talented heavyweights in the world. He has incredible hand speed and alternates his punches well in a division where most fighters don't even mind doing it. The only problem is that one of the two heavyweights much better than Chambers is Klitschko himself. Chambers won't be able to out-punch Klitschko the way he does against most of his opponents. It's quite possible that he will instead lose focus on his game as he tries to hit with the best hitter in their weight division. Adding Klitschko's advantages in terms of size and punching power, and Chamber will have to learn to take some risks.

But there is still that one chance that Chambers can pull it off. His victory against his previous opponent Dimitrilenko has shown just how important skills and constant fighting inside the ring are when it comes to eventual victory. Besides, there are some enthusiasts who say that Klitschko has a pretty poor chin. If Chambers makes that one hit, then everything else can fall into place. So don't forget to Watch Klitschko vs Chambers Live Stream because this fight is only available through online feed in US.


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