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Watch Dream 13 Live Stream Free

Watch Dream 13 Live Stream and expect non-stop action and heart-stopping tension when two of the most highly regarded fighters in the world of MMA take it all out in a fight that will determine who will be the eventual champion of all. This is exactly what is promised by Japan's popular MMA promotions organizer DREAM.

Dream 13: Bibiano Fernandes vs Joachim Hansen Live Stream

The Brazilian Bibiano Fernandes will be taking on the formidable Norwegian Joachim Hansen for the sake of being crowned as the next Featherweight Championship title-holder. Their fight will be held at the Yokohama Arena in Yokohama, Japan on March 22, 2010. Many fans have looked forward to this match, with them eager to see the brain-bashing fists and feet of Hansen. A lot are also excited at just how Fernandes will respond to the onslaught that his opponent is sure to be raining down on him. Both fighters are so equally matched that the end of their match may only be as the result of just how tough they are against each other.

Dream 13: KJ Noons vs Andre Dida Live Match

Many are also looking forward to the comeback of KJ Noons. The former MMA star has stunned the MMA community in this side of the planet due to his decision to switch to professional boxing. After a long wait, it's been about time for his return to the MMA ring. The only question is, is he still the same KJ Noons that makes his foes fall down their knees? It's been years, and it might be possible that we will just be seeing a shadow of his former self. But who knows? He might just be able to pull it off when he goes face-to-face with the Brazilian destroyer Andre Amado in the ring.

Dream 13: Josh Barnett vs. Siala Siliga Live Match

Also eagerly awaited by fans is the upcoming fight between Josh Barrett and Siala Siliga. Who can forget the Barrett? He is the man who had brought drama and action inside and outside the ring. He is the man whose career has been a roller coaster ride that might just go to a rough and rude end. His career had been an interesting one, with his records ranging from the glorious title fights and defenses to the shocking failures in drug testing. And a lot is in the line for him in this fight. He will need to win this in order to reestablish himself as a legitimate fighter that can command the respect of others. If he fails, then this may very well be the end of his once-illustrious career.

Whatever outcome this event may produce, there is still no denying what the Dream 13 Live Stream will bring total viewing pleasure for fans.


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