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Watch 2010 Australian Grand Prix Live Stream Free

After the vague racing results of Bahrain's Grand Prix this year, many race car drivers are now setting their sights to Watch F1 Australian Grand Prix 2010 has to offer.

The Melbourne track has a reputation for making world champions. The past four winners of the Australian Grand Prix have gone on to win the world championship and all race car drivers are quite aware how important the event is in terms of setting the scene for the season. And it is certain that they will give their very best to be the first to finish, and thus set the tone for the races this year.

Watch Formula 1 Australian Grand Prix Live Stream race which will held on March 28, 2010 at the Melbourne Grand Prix Circuit, Melbourne, Australia. This is only the second time in formula racing that Melbourne was the 2nd to open the year, with Bahrain selected to be the first. Qantas Airlines will also be returning as the title event sponsor, after holding it between 1997-2001.

With the changes made in racing regulation, a new hope has emerged for other F1 teams. Regulation on the tire usage will give a lesser chance to leap-frog to a car in front when they go to pit stops. And in terms of speed, it seems that Ferrari will be the standard in this race with Spanish driver Fernando Alonso. But, based on Lewis Hamilton performance and car who has been described as "ridiculously faster" in the Middle East race, then Red Bull certainly has potentials.

The Melbourne circuit may be the friendliest around of all race tracks, but everyone who had raced in it agree that in the heat of the event, no mercy will be shown and none will be given. So watch F1 Australian Grand Prix Live Stream now and expect an exciting and heart-stopping race this weekend.


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