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Watch UFC 118 | Penn vs Edgar 2 Live Stream

Watch UFC 118 Live Stream - The first showdown is an absolute unanimous decision with Frankiee Edgar winning by a large margin over the champion that time BJ Penn. Penn is highly favored to win the fight that night but fans were greatly upset by the way Edgar controlled and dominated the fight thus making him the new Lightweight Champion.

BJ "the prodigy" Penn is determined to take his crown back in the UFC 118 fight. Penn is one of the most talented UFC fighters in UfC today, only he has some minor health problems in his fight vs Edgar. He is training seriously going into this fight to neutralize the speed of Edgar. Expect a very sharp and relentless BJ Penn that fans has been waiting to see in this fight.

Watch UFC 118 Live Stream - Frankie Edgar is the new UFC Lightweight Champion by defeating BJ Penn, a fight that place him among the UFC elite fighters. Now Penn wants to take the belt back, Edgar must summon all his MMA skills once again to defend the crown.

Who will win in the UFC 118 Lightweight championship between Frankie Edgar vs BJ Penn? Will Edgar continue his dominance in the lightweight division? or will BJ Penn finally redeem his name as the best UFC lightweight fighter? Watch UFC 118 Live Stream now!


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