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Miss Universe 2010 Live Replay and Winners

Miss Universe 2010Miss Universe 2010 Live Replay and Winners After two weeks of preparation, bonding and competition of the 2010 Miss Universe candidates from all over the world, the most respected judges have come up with their winners.

This page will be updated on the day of the event of the winners of the recent Miss Universe beauty pageant.

Based on the current poll results Miss Philippines, Miss Bolivia, Miss Venezuela, Miss Jamaica and Miss Thailand leads the online. Its possible that one of this lovely ladies will come up on top at the end of the competition. Its still few days before the competition and Im sure the judges have their own bet to win in this beauty pageant.

Miss Universe 2010 Winners: (this will be updated during the event)

Miss Universe 2010

First Runner-up -

Second Runner-up

Third Runner-up

Fourth Runner-up -

Top 5

1. Philippines
2. Jamaica
3. Mexico
4. Ukraine
5. Australia

Top 10 (List of Contestants who made it to the top 10)
1. Ireland
2. Albania
3. Philippines
4. Jamaica
5. Mexico
6. Ukraine
7. Puerto Rico
8. South Africa
9. Guatemala
10. Australia

Top 15 (List of Contestants who made it to the top 15)
1. Puerto Rico
2. Ukraine
3. Mexico
4. Belgium
5. Ireland
6. South Africa
7. France
8. Australia
9. Jamaica
10. Russia
11. Albania
12. Colombia
13. Guatemala
14. Czech Republic
15. Philippines

Special Awards

Miss Photogenic - Thailand

Best National Costume - Thailand

Miss Congeniality - Australia


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