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Watch Silva vs Sonnen Live Stream

Is it worth to Watch UFC 117 Live Stream tonight?

Many fans of the MMA sport where greatly disappointed by the lackluster performance of
The Spider, Anderson Silva against Demian Maia in Abu Dhabi last April. Even UFC President Dana White was irritated by Silva’s antics inside the Octagon. He even stated that he prefer people buy UFC tickets because “Anderson Silva knocks out fighters in two minutes” instead of seeing him “run like a jack-ass for five rounds.”

This puts Chael Sonnen in the spotlight. In UFC 117 Live Stream press conference, he promised that he will
make Silva fight the fight all fans have been looking for. And this could very well happen. After all, looking at his previous fights, he might as well be the one to challenge the Middleweight
champion. He literally out-muscled Nate Marquardt, one of the sport’s most muscle-bound fighters. If he could do that to a heavily-favored fighter, then it won’t be impossible to imagine just what he can do a lazy-bone Silva.

This could be very good news. After all, Silva hasn’t got a good fight in ages. To have
someone of Sonnen’s caliber to challenge him will be something to watch for. Besides, with all the trash talk the challenger has been throwing at the Silva, the champion would certainly be out looking for blood. And that is what all the fans are screaming for and eagerly anticipating to Watch UFC 117 Live Streaming Online.


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