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Watch UFC 117 Live Stream

Watch UFC 117 Live Stream The best pound for pound UFC fighter Anderson "The Spider" Silva has all of UFC fan's eyes as he takes on the fearless contender Chael Sonnen for the UFC Middleweight Championship of the world.

The biggest name Chael Sonnen would face in his entire career is facing the best UFC fighter in UFC history. Coming into this fight Sonnen has defeated some of the biggest names as well including his bloody victory over Nate Marquardt that place him a shot for the title. It shows how relentless fighter Chael Sonnen could be, a state that could be effective in facing Anderson Silva.

Watch UFC 117 Live Stream Anderson Silva blew his last fight against Demian Maia. Literally running around the octagon without showing a serious fight to the frustration of the UFC fans. Althought Silva won the fight he was booed by the crowd numerous times and Dana White the UFC president threatened to cut Silva out of UFC rooster to his frustration. The UFC 117 will be a decisive moment for Silva to redeem his name as the UFC's best fighter.

Silva vs Sonnen would be very entertaining UFC fight fans must not miss to watch. We could see the best of Anderson Silva in this fight, not the Anderson silva of the Maia fight. Chael Sonnen must not be underestimated in this fight which he has nothing to loss. He is free of pressure and his focus will be concentrated mainly on defeating the undisputed fighter Silva. Watch UFC 117 Live stream on pay per view.


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