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Watch UFC 118 Live Stream: Penn’s Chance for Redemption

Many fans and spectators were not happy with how BJ Penn lost his title in UFC 112. Sure, it was a good fight, Edgar being very aggressive in his moves, but all eyes are on Penn. And according to those eyes, the champion isn’t himself inside the Octagon. Sure there was the excuse of a sinus infection and treatment, but the bottom line: BJ Penn lost. That’s got to sting more than the punches he got from that fight.

Watch BJ Penn vs Frankie Edgard Live Stream Fight

No one was really expecting Edgar to win in UFC 112. He’s a newcomer, and BJ Penn is the most formidable foe to sit in the lightweight throne. But true to his nickname, The Answer showed just how good he is in ridding the fans’ minds the big question mark on who will be the victor. With quick moves, good footwork, and excellent stand-up strategies, Edgar dominated the Octagon. It’s just too bad BJ Penn is out of his element, since that would have been an even more exciting fight to watch.

So make it a point to leave August 28 as a special day for you. After all, it’s not every day that you get to see a UFC 118 live stream fight this good. You will definitely not be disappointed.


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