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Watch Uruguay vs Germany Live Stream

Watch Uruguay vs Germany Live Stream Many believe this match up could have been the Finals game. Unfortunately it is not, this a battle for the 3rd best football nation in the World. The relentless strikers Germany against the superb all around game of Uruguay. These to teams deserve to win tonight but only one team will go home with the glory.

Uruguay remains poised despite losing to Netherlands in the semifinals, nonetheless this are still on the magic four, and a chance to get the third place. If only they show the real strength of Uruguay against Germany, no doubt that they will go home with the glory today.

Watch Uruguay vs Germany Live Stream Germany is impressive as ever, if only they were able to stop that one goal that Spain scored against them then, they should have been in the Finals and not just battling for 3rd place. Remember that this is still the team that won four goals over Australia, the European Superpower England, and the World Cup top contender Argentina. Winning over this great teams, they showed what they are capable off. And scoring four goals to just atmost 1 against top world contenders is something to be proud of.

This is surely like a World Cup Finals at its best Uruguay vs Germany. The battle for the third place that will surely make you brace off your seats. Watch Uruguay vs Germany Live Stream


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