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No one can claim to be a big fan of mixed martial arts if he doesn’t want to Watch UFC 116 Live Stream Online; the Lesnar vs Carwin main event. This fight is expected to be one of the biggest fights in mixed martial arts history, but it’s not just about Lesnar or Carwin’s skills though. This fight will also stress the vast differences between two fighting styles at their best, striking and wrestling, and to a more important extent provide future fighters with the lessons on how to approach a fight.

Lesnar tends to favour wrestling. He has the skill, strength and ruthlessness to fight the ground

battle. On the other hand, Carwin favours striking and it hasn’t failed him thus far. Essentially, they are both very good at what they do. But at this point, the jury is still out on which fighting style is the best. There are too many elements to consider to declare which fighting style is better and which is worse. But there are certain things which can be said about each fighting style.

Striking is a fighting style which requires a lot of man oeuvre. It requires a lot of speed and strength. But most importantly, striking is all about staying on one’s feet, and if the striker falls
down, he will be in very serious trouble.

On the other hand, wrestling is a more flexible fighting style, but it also requires the fighter to keep the fight on the mat. If the wrestler cannot out manoeuvre his enemy into the mat then he can very lose the fight by virtue of taking too much damage from the striker.

Watch Lesnar vs Carwin Live Streaming Online

Now, Lesnar and Carwin are very good when it comes to wrestling and striking respectively. However, they also have different records. Lesnar’s MMA record is 4, 1, while Carwin’s MMA record is 12, 0. That should tell you a lot about what each one can do.

Based on their record, Lesnar’s weaker than Carwin, but that’s not the complete story. Lesnar is a very good wrestler and can take down an opponent that is stronger and more powerful
than he is. Carwin – on the other hand – has made numerous mistakes throughout his fighting career, some of which Lesnar may try to use on their match.

On the one hand, Lesnar might make the mistake of fighting a boxing match with Carwin, a scenario which will mostly likely end with his loss. Carwin, on the other hand, may end up having a difficult time should Lesnar get the chance to put him into the ground. Fans have too many expectations from this match for it to end in the first round. Both fighters

have too much at stake and too much to prove. A TKO or tap out at round one will get boos.

Lesnar is no fool and he knows what Carwin’s weaknesses are and what the striker can do
to beat him. Carwin knows the same thing and will try to avoid the mat as much as possible. Ultimately, this fight will be about manoeuvring the enemy into fighting under one’s terms. For Lesnar, this will mean keeping Carwin on the mat, while for Carwin the fight will be dodging Lesnar’s attempt to put him down long enough to deliver one of his devastating punches.


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