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Watch German GP Live Stream

Watch German GP Live Stream Michael Schumacher returns to his home nation to display his amazing driving talent that boost the F1 fever all over the world. But his team Mercedes-GP is far from getting the top spot of the Grand Prix. Currently they are on the 4th spot behind, McLaren-Mercedez, Renault and Ferrari.

German GP Practice 3 is something to look forward to in this Grand Prix series. All teams are eager to showcase their driving strategy to take the top spot in the final race.

The German GP qualifying round turns out to be one of its finest, with almost all of the top contenders made it in time.

Grand Prix Team Standings

1 McLaren-Mercedes 278
2 RBR-Renault 249
3 Ferrari 165
4 Mercedes GP 126

Grand Prix Driver Standings

1 Lewis Hamilton 145
2 Jenson Button 133
3 Mark Webber 128
4 Sebastian Vettel 121
5 Fernando Alonso 98
6 Nico Rosberg 90
7 Robert Kubica 83
8 Felipe Massa 67
9 Michael Schumacher 36
10 Adrian Sutil 35


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