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Watch FIFA World Cup Finals Live Stream It was one of the most exciting and surprising FIFA World Cup so far. With only a 2 weeks left in FIFA World Cup, the road to the finals becomes clearer but become more and more difficult for any team to make it.

The defending champion Italy go home early in the elimination when they were defeated surprisingly by a formerly non-FIFA contender Slovakia. Same thing happen to England and Argentina when they were overwhelmed by the relentless German attack. United states were dominant in the early game against Ghana but in end the Ghana made it with a 2-1 lead. South Korea made it to the round of 16 but were defeated 2-1 but another surprise team Uruguay, who made it to the semis to defeat Ghana.

Watch FIFA World Cup Finals Live Stream Only four teams are left to battle in the semifinals, Germany vs Spain and Netherlands vs Uruguay. Its still anybody's World cup although Spain and Netherlands are favorites to face in the FIFA World Cup Finals this year. But of course the Germans team are on everybody's radar after their very impressive performance, they literally crushed Argentina and it will not be a surprise if they do it again against any team left.

Spain one of the favorites, sure does a great chance but Germany onslaught one of the best teams in the World cup, this will be a great match to watch. Uruguay is the least favorite teams and nobody expect them to be in the semifinals much less in the finals, but where they are today? They are one of the top four teams in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and a chance to play in the finals if they can withstand the Orange squad of the Netherlands, who made if out of the toughest group.

So Which team do you think will win the 2010 FIFA World CUP? Uruguay? Netherlands? Spain or Germany? Watch FIFA World Cup Finals Live Stream


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