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Watch 2010 Tour De France Stage 18 Live Streaming

With the race almost come to an end, the French team lead all racers to the points, but not far behind are the other great teams such as United Kingdom.

Watch 2010 Tour De France Live Online Stage 18 - is another mountainous track, a track dominated by the French team throughout this race. With 5 mountain stage so far, four of team was taken by French, but UK and Italy are always on their back ready to take the lead.

This will be a picture perfect finish as we came on to the 17 stage of the race. which racer will make it to the finish line first? Can the French racers dominate the race again to night? Those are the questions that needs to be answered at the stage 17 of the 2010 Tour de France. Watch the Game live online. Watch 2010 Tour De France Live Online Stage 18


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