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Pacquiao Vs Cotto – Why the Anticipation?

Surprisingly according to survey the number of people searching for Pacquiao vs Cotto Free Live Stream online is significantly lesser which simply means that fans are willing to purchase the payperview of this fight. But why? With each others advantages, surely, their fight is a fight of the bests. And for that, the whole boxing world is highly anticipating November 14 clash of Manny Pacquiao vs Miguel Cotto Live. But what are those that specifically make the Pacquiao-Cotto fight so highly anticipated?

Well, first, both are great fighters. That means that each of them has a huge fan base. Not to mention, both are highly regarded in their respective countries. Pacman is given the hero status in the Philippines. He was an underdog who had climbed his way up to being a boxing superstar impressing and inspiring not only Filipinos but other nationalities as well. On the other hand, Cotto is considered as one of the best boxers of his country, Puerto Rico. By defeating big boxing stars, his fan base had considerably grown massive.

Second, this fight is about one becoming a legend. If Pacquiao overpowers Cotto and snatch from him the Welterweight Championship, he will be the first ever boxer who will have the 7th title in the 7th weight class. No other fighter have had this accomplishment before. If indeed he will defeat Cotto, apart from becoming a living legend, the who-is-the-true-pound-for-pound-king issue between him and Floyd Mayweather Jr. will surely be settled though it may be not as exciting as having the two face off.

With fighters as both Pacquiao and Cotto on the same ring, there sure is nothing to wonder why the fight on the 14th of November is being eagrly awaited. So don't miss this Saturday fight dubbed as Fire Power: Pacquiao vs Cotto Live in MGM Grand, Las Vegas USA.


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