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UFC 106 Live Streaming: Tito Ortiz in the Spotlight

With the upcoming UFC 106 live online rematch between Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin, just what is the longest reigning former light heavyweight champion doing? Changing himself, to say the least. After an eighteen month hiatus from professional matches, Ortiz is confident that his comeback in the UFC will be a big one and that his improvements will certainly send the message “The Huntington Beach Bad Boy” is back in the game, and will be staying for a long time. And he might just get his shot again at the championship belt.

Ortiz admitted that he was not satisfied with his performance on his last fight against Griffin, with fans and spectators commenting that Ortiz was not that focused in the fight as he should have been. “I wasn't wrestling, I wasn't running,” Ortiz said in an interview. After his loss to Lyoto Machida last May 24, 2008, Ortiz has been undergoing intensive training and reconditioning to prepare himself for the coming fight. He has increased his stamina by doing extensive workouts, engaged more in wrestling and boxing, and has since been trying to put his perspectives in the right order.

Ortiz, who is considered as the first major fighter to change the sports into an exciting spectacle, has caused quite a buzz for his often controversial stunts. His feuds with fellow MMA stars Ken Shamrock and Chuck Liddell have all but reached legendary proportions. This and others has helped make the UFC one of the most exciting and most-watched competitions on television

During his absence, Ortiz was able to see things in a different light. With the unhindered clarity of hindsight, he reflected on the need to change his attitudes and become a better person. Part of the change is becoming a model for younger fighters, guiding them to to the right direction. He now stressed the importance of getting a good education. As fighters, there is always the chance of getting injured and ending their careers. With a diploma or a degree, at least there would be something for these fighters to fall back on.

Another thing that has changed is Ortiz relationship with God. He may not be entirely religious, he admits, but looking at himself in the mirror makes him realize that there is higher being who is calling the shots. All people have some place to go when they die. And when in trouble, there is always someone to ask help from. And when there is suffering, pain, or loss, there is always the question of why. Perhaps, in Ortiz case, God is just challenging his humanity.

Whatever it is, may this be a sign that Ortiz's comeback is his greatest yet so don't forget to watch ufc 106 live stream. And the Ortiz vs Griffin live fight might be the best one yet in the history of UFC.


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