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Pacquiao vs Cotto Free Live Stream

November 14 is fast coming, If you are boxing fanatic or even just a sports fan, surely you would know what will be happening on that day. If you are yet to know the significance of it, well, there will be a boxing fight. However, it isn't just any fight as Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao, and Miguel Cotto, two infamous fighters who will be getting into the ring for clash dubbed as Fire Power: Pacquiao vs Cotto.

After his 2-round victory over Ricky Hatton last May 2, 2009, Pacman will again be fist-dancing. This time, it will be against Miguel Cotto, a Puerto Rican fighter who holds the Welterweight Championship belt.

The fight, which will be held in MGM Grand in Las Vegas, will be at 145 lb maximum weight. It's pay-per-view sales is estimated to reach 1 million in the United States alone and rumours has it that you can Watch Pacquiao vs Cotto Free Live Stream in online streaming sites.

Pacman, dubbed as the best pound-for-pound fighter to date, undoubtedly has the speed advantage over Cotto. The Filipino boxer had proven from all of his previous fights that speed is sure one of his formidable strengths. However, Cotto had been the Welterweight champion for nothing. His power punches sure have power with his 27 wins by knockout to back it up.


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