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No other word can best describe the event that is touted to be the best year-end event in UFC history. UFC lightweight champion BJ “The Prodigy” Penn faces off the inexhaustible Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez in a match that will define what a UFC fight really is. The FedEx Forum in Memphis, Tennessee will be the venue of the match, scheduled on December 12, 2009.

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This will be another title defense for the champion Penn, who had previously defended his title in a brilliant performance against challenger Kenny Florian in UFC 101. Suffering from a disappointing defeat from welterweight George St. Pierre in his first foray into the welterweight division, Penn returned to his earlier division to defend his title. Ruling the lightweight division for nearly eight years, Penn has proven his ability as an aggressive and capable fighter, often taking his opponents head-on while standing, He is also a proficient artist in ground attacks and defenses. He has proven many times that he is not a man that could be easily taken down, defeating the likes of Joe Stevenson, Sean Sherk and Kenny Florian, all who are seasoned fighters in the mixed martial arts community.

Diego “Nightmare” Sanchez may disagree. He does not give up, he does not back down, and he will definitely not stop until he has the championship belt draped around his body. An excellent puncher and grappler, he had totally reinvented himself since his lackluster performance in UFC 69 and UFC 76. Now, he is considered as one of the most durable fighters with his last three fights going the distance and still he emerged the winner. He had noticeable improved his hitting ratio, connecting his punches more effectively. He has also shown greater flexibility and higher capacity to maintain his holds whenever he performs grappling moves against his opponents.

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Both men are in for the biggest fight of their lives. This is no ordinary match. As the main event, people will be watching, eager to see their skills, their moves, and their battle for supremacy. The title is also at stake. If Penn loses, he loses his title to a younger fighter. If Sanchez loses, he would have failed in his bid to dominate in the sport he had showed so much promise in. There are also shades of intrigue in play. This is not just a fight between two talented fighters. This is also debate between youth vs. experience, speed vs. strength, and a host of other issues that are heatedly discussed by enthusiasts. Whatever the outcome of the match, this will surely be the year's best that the UFC has to offer.

Who will come out the victor? Will the champion retain his belt, or will the young war horse get his chance for dominance?

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