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If there is anything a loser in a fight wants, it's a rematch with the man who brought him down. And this is exactly what Forrest Griffin will get when he fights against Tito Ortiz on November 21, 2009 at UFC 106 live in Mandalay Bay Events Center in Las Vegas, Nevada. The two former light heavyweights champion will battle it out to settle a score began with UFC 59, where Griffin, despite a heroic attempt to gain ground against a domineering Ortiz, lost to the latter via a split decision.

Why Watch Ortiz vs Griffin Live Streaming?

Many fans and commentators say that this is the fight to watch for, since this will pit two former world champions against each other in a match that will restore honor and glory for only one. As such, it can be expected that both fighters will give everything they have to bring the other down, and this will all equate to an exciting match.

Both fighters have their own advantages and disadvantages over the other. Ortiz has strength on his side, a good wrestler, great conditioning, vicious ground and pound punches with his size adding tactical advantage whenever he performs submission against his opponents, although his speed may prove to be his undoing. Griffin on the other hand has speed and grappling skills that are handy against the slower Ortiz, with well rounded fighting styles, and the heart that will keep him moving on, still, there is the risk that a good hit can knock him down, just like what happened when Anderson Silva knocked him out with a punch when Griffin got carelessly close.

Smarting from their respective defeats, and knowing that this may very well be a do or die affair, both fighters had underwent rigorous training and conditioning to prepare foe their coming fight. Ortiz had said that he had improved his speed through vigorous running and expects to gain enough speed to counteract Griffins' attacks, while Griffin underwent extensive training with boxing coaches like Freddie Roach to increasing his hitting power. In any case, both Ortiz and Griffin are seeking to reduce their weaknesses to keep the other from taking too much advantage of it.

Of course, fans are looking forward to an exciting match. Many have waited for a rematch ever since Ortiz brought Griffin down, with the defeated Griffin desiring to have a rematch against Ortiz soon. That fight last April 15, 2006 was considered as one of the best fights in the UFC, what with the uncertainty and tension created by the aggressive attacks of Ortiz against the spirited counterattacks of Griffin. It was indeed a fight to remember.

Now, both fighters will face each other once again. With hearts full confidence that he will prevail, they will engage once again in a battle that may very well end all matches. Who will be champion? The powerful wrestler that is Tito Ortiz or the talented grappler named Forrest Griffin? Both will come with everything, both have much to lose. They will give their very best. But in the end, there can only be one, true champion.

Watch UFC 106 Free Live Stream now and find out who will emerge victorious.
UFC 106, November 21, 2009. Let's get it on!


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