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Watch Portland Trail Blazers vs Phoenix Suns Game 1 Live

Watch Portland vs Phoenix Game 1 Live The injury plagued Portland Trailblazers is not a team you would underestimate especially in the playoffs. From the start of the NBA season they lost crucial players on their team but still they succeed on making it to the palyoffs. This time they lost Brandon Roy, the teams best player and scorer, but in the history shows that they can win even without Roy playing. They have other great players in the team like LaMarcus Aldridge, Andre Miller, and Rudy Fernandez who has been deadly on the long range shot. If you think Portland will go down that easy, think again.

Phoenix Suns shows the best basketball they have in a couple of years, behind Steve Nash's leadership the offense and defense of the Phoenix Suns dominates the league right now. Amare Stoudamire who's was sidelined last year due to injury came back scorching hot to lead the Phoenix suns to the Playoffs. With Nash and Stoudamire leading the pack the Phoenix Suns is a force to recon with.

Watch Trail Blazers vs Suns Game 1 Live First Game of the best of seven series for this two teams Trail Blazers Vs Suns, will the season long determination of the Portland Trail Blazers blurred the clear road to the 2nd round of the Phoenix Suns?

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