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Mayweather vs Mosley Live Free Stream Press Conference

After railing for months about getting a match against pound-for-pound kind Manny Pacquiao, it took a lot of boxing fanatics by surprise that Floyd Mayweather is willing to take on Shane Mosley for a lesser purse. The match-up is so weird that there are some questioning if Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream really a fight worth watching for.

Even the press conference kick-off for these two took on the appearance of a badly-written gag show. Seems like the scripted bashing degenerated into a lovey-dovey dance between two old men. There was one time that both were trying to push and shove the other, but it just looked like they were just a couple of schoolboys trying to see who'll chicken out first, guess there's no doubt who plays the chicken there.

And the grappling of the jacket? I don't think it was anything but a mock-up. I mean, who would hold someone's coat by the cuffs of all the appearance of taking it off. I don't want to imply that it's gay or something but it just looks like that. It looks like they were doing the waltz or something. Imagine two hardened men doing that. I don't blame you if you want to throw up. It also caught me like that.

And was Mayweather about to kiss Mosley? Deny it all you want, man, but the evidence is there. Makes me think that he really did earn the nickname “Gayweather.” It's pretty hard to understand why these boxers are at it like that. This is just so uncool. You don't do that in front of the media, unless this guy was trying to bluff and had the bad luck of Mosley deciding to call.

But do you think the drama that happened on the Press Conference enough to convince boxing fans to Watch Mayweather vs Mosley Live Stream on May 1, 2010?


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