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Watch Phoenix Suns Vs Portland Trail Blazers Game 3 Live

Watch Suns Vs Trail Blazers Game 3 Live Both teams got 1 game a piece and we are heading to the Portland home court in game 3. The first game was taken by Portland 105-100, in the second game Suns came mercilessly blowing out the game 119-90. Game 3 will decide who will edge in the match up.

The Phoenix suns in game 1 was not able to stop Andre Miller who scored more than 30 points, even without Brandon Roy, the blazers soar high enough higher than the Suns.

Watch Phoenix Suns Vs Portland Trail Blazers Game 3 Live Adjustments were made in the second game by the Phoenix Suns to stop Miller. They used Grant Hill to defend Miller and it worked perfectly well. Richardson who's freed to stop Miller came out hot, scoring 29 points leading the Suns to victory and to even the series.

Game 3 of the best of seven series is a crucial game for both teams, winning this game will secure your teams of at least game 6. Unfortunately for the Blazers, another of there good defenders Nicholas Batum could be sidelined due to injury. They already lost there best scorer Brandon Roy late in the season and with another player down, it would be a big blow to the Blazers Team.

Watch Phoenix Suns Vs Portland Trail Blazers Game 3 Anything can happen in game 3, the ball is round for the Blazers winning this game would mean the versatility of the team against all odds, but can they pass the wicked defense and the sharp offense of the Phoenix suns?


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