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Watch Cleveland Cavaliers vs Chicago Bulls Game 1 Live Stream

Watch Cavaliers Vs Bulls Game 1 Live The Cleveland Cavaliers are soaring going into the NBA playoffs. Making the top position under LeBron James wings. James has not won a championship yet despite being the best player for a couple of years and winning back-to-back MVPs. With the addition of Shaquille Oneal and Antawn Jamison in the lineup, the Cavs looks very dominant inside out. James does not to do it all, if they want to make it to the finals and grab the championship, this could be the year.

Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls is not an easy team to defeat. Coming into the playoffs as the last seeded team they are a huge underdog in the matchup. But the Bulls are always up for a challenge, they may not have as much firepower as the Cavs but on the defensive end they can tear you apart. joaquim Noah is back to challenge Cavs attack, Hinrich and Deng is there to make them pay on every errors they make. And Rose the former Rookie of the year always plays more than 100% evey game.

Watch Cavaliers Vs Bulls Game 1 The Clevelands eyes are set to the finals but they can not deny the sharp thorn of the Bulls horn swagging on their shield. Can the Cavaliers dominate the Bulls on this series or will the Bulls make a huge upset in the first Game? Watch Cleveland Cavalier vs Chicago Bulls Game 1 Live!


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