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Watch Shine Fight II Live - American Top Team Vs The World Live Stream

The Shine Fights Promotion presents Shine Fight II: American Top Team Vs The World Live on Friday September 4, 2009 at 8pm EST or 5pm PST. This is one of the most anticipated fight in the history of Miami as it puts together world-class matches and make the live streaming available worldwide at a presale of $9.95 only.

You can Watch American Top Team Vs The World Live Streaming in Pay-Per-View via The good news is, MMA fans all over the world can watch this event live at the convenience of their computer or probably watch free Shine Fights 2 Live in local bar since the live stream subscrition can also be for business use.

Matchups is packed with world class athletes which include fight between Roan Carneiro vs. Jorge Patino, Jean Silva vs. Flavio Alvaro, Ryan Healy vs. Luiz Firmino, Yves Edwards vs. James Warfield, Gideon Ray vs. Junior Assuncao, Micah Miller vs. Anthony Morrison, James Brasco vs. Herbert Goodman, Phil Friedman vs. Brian Fuery and Danny Chavez vs. Jonatas Gurgel.


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