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The importance of rewarding employees

Encouraging employees to work is not easy. You don’t exactly know what each employee thinks and what their lifestyles are and for this, it seems difficult to know what type of incentives and recognitions to give them. Perhaps, the real question is not only what type of recognition and incentive you need to give your employees but when do you actually need to give it to them.

In the workplace, the importance of rewarding employees is to obtain a favorable behavior on a frequent basis. When an employer gives his employees incentives or rewards daily, weekly, monthly or yearly, chances are the employees feel satisfied about the tenure in work. The more rewards receive, the higher the rate of work satisfaction. The question to what and when to give incentives depends on timing and the establishment’s budget.

Incentives or rewards can either be big or small but the establishment can assure of its expected results when these are given in the right time. Whatever time frame (daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly) an establishment chooses, each has its own advantages and disadvantages in terms of budget and resources.

There are various techniques of giving recognitions to employees and these sets of techniques are dependent to establishment’s objectives, goals and budget. Before selecting what type of recognition technique, make sure it enhances fruitful teamwork inside the workplace.


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