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I Heart Netbooks

I've been using a Neo Empriva laptop for more than a year now and believe it or not I still think that it's too big for me. One of my tech savvy friend suggested I should get a netbook instead since I am mainly using my laptop for browsing and checking of emails. Its a necessity in my job but I want it to be an accessory as well.

Though netbooks isn't as powerful as a bigger notebook computers, it can still catch up when it comes to usefulness. I found this one particular brand from that I am intrested with. The new acer aspire one notebook, caught my attention since I'm more of a superficialy person rather than techy when it comes to gadgets and stuff. I like the design of this netbook plus the fact that you have four different colors to choose from.

Did I mention that this actually weight less than 3 pounds? Awesome right!


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