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2009 NBA Finals Game 1

Lakers Takes Game 1.

Its 1-0 for the Los Angeles Lakers againts the force of the Orlando Magic 100-75.

Kobe shows why he is one of the finals MVP prospects. Despite the strong defense of the Magic team, they cannot stop Kobe Bryant.

Dwight Howard failed to pull his team this time. He is guarded well by Lakers' three big men Gasol, Odom and Bynum. Their 3-pointers are not good enough to win the game. Against the Cavs' team Magic seems dominant outside and inside. But the against the lakers they were short.

Kobe as always is unstoppable offensively he score 18 points only for the first half to put the Lakers in command 53-43 at the end of first half. He poured 18 more at the 3rd quarter alone to score 36 points and place the Lakers way ahead 82-56.

"We wanted to come out and keep our energy up," Bryant said. "We wanted to stay aggressive and it was my responsibility over the course of the game to keep it going."

With the Lakers' 26 points coming for the 4th quarter its been decided what team will take game 1. Kobe finished with an all-around game of 40 points 8, assist 8, rebounds, 2 steals and 2 blocks.

Game 2 will still be played on the Lakers's home court. Its just game 1 of the NBA finals but looking at the score it seems the Magic needs more adjustment to even the series. The Magic had never won the NBA championship in their entire franchise while the Lakers are aiming for their 15th.


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