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Watch The Bachelor Episode 13 Recap Live Streaming

As a follow up to the 2 hour Season Finale of The Bachelor Season 13, an “After The Final Rose” special was aired to accommodate some big revelations that are about to unfold.

At the season finale of Bachelor 13, Jason Mesnick ended up choosing Melissa Rycroft and made his proposal, claiming that it was her that the kind of woman he has been waiting all his life. But since the show ended, the so called chemistry between them has changed. And goes to say that he has been thinking about Molly Malaney and that he is still in love with her but stated he wasn't able to talk to her ever since the show ended.

What culminated thereafter was a big heartbreak for a certain poor soul. Because Jason was planning to break up with Melissa live on national TV and not to mention the availability of Bachelor Episode 13 Recap Live Streaming for everyone to watch. Jason proceed initiate the breakup, saying that after spending time with Melissa, he realizes that she's not the right woman for her. And to add insult to the injury, he admits that he's still in love with Molly. Melissa, obviously tying to suppress her emotion, questioned why did Jason proposed to her in the first place and she returns the ring. Jason tried to apologized but Melissa told him to stay out of her life. As she boards the limo, she started to breakdown. So there you go, the higlight for season 13, The Bachelor dumps his fiancee for a runner-up.

Meanwhile after the break, Molly was welcomed back on stage, Chris Harrison, host of said show, made her watch scenes from her elimination which was difficult for her. Moments later Jason joins her on stage. And right after that he told Molly that he broke up with Melissa earlier, and that it is Molly that he wants to be with. Molly was hardly confrontational and gives off vibes that she knew that this was going to happen, but asks Jason “What about Mellisa?” He told Molly it's all right and told her it is her that he's in love with and asks for a chance.

Jason and Molly talked privately for a short while, and after the commercial break Molly finally gave her answer. She said that there are dozen of things he wants to ask Jason, but she's really happy that he returned to her, and that she is willing to give him a shot. They kissed, but rather too intimately for national TV, that prompted Chris to reprimand them. Jason stated, that all of this, is because he was just following his heart. The show ended like a fairytale with Molly and Jason all smiles, as if somebody's heart was not broken and was humiliated on national TV earlier.

A lot of viewers livid over the new Bachelor and got no loving from the womens but instead was flooded by harsh and negative comments. Meanwhile
Trista Sutter, a former Bachelorette Slams Bachelor Jason Mesnick for Dumping Fiancee on National Television Andy Baldwin also wrote a not so nice thing for Jason in his facebook page. He said "He was a man and didn't sell his soul and cave. Such a sellout." "You do NOT break up on national television. That is the opposite of a gentleman."

For more information on this strange breakup news go to Yahoo TV to watch for the Recap of Bachelor 13 Season Finale and
After The Final Rose Streaming Online and share your live thoughts.


coffee maker said...

I suspected from the beginning that Jason Mesnick was a tool, then the finale eliminated all doubt

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