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Watch Vampire Diaries Cast

Last month, I blogged about how will CW Network Vampire Diaries Series which was written by L.J. Smith will captivate the hearts of the vampire story fanatics around the world. Now the Vampire Diaries main cast was released and to my delight the line up was indeed promising.

Ian Somerhalder who played Boone in Lost was cast as Damon, the malevolence vampire while Paul Wesley was assigned the role of Stefan, a 200-year-old younger brother and the good vampire. Meanwhile Nina Dobrev, the gorgeous Bulgarian born actress who presently resides in Canada will play the role Elena. The two vampire brothers will fight to win her heart.

I can't wait to Watch Vampire Diaries Live Streaming series because of its of its appealing cast and storyline, I am absolutely sure this will be a hit. I really think Ian Somerhalder is drop dead gorgeous and has the most stunning eyes and Paul Wesley is not so bad either. Nina Dobrev is super hot and I can forthrightly say that Bella of Twilight is no match for Elena of Vampire Diaries.

I’ll be on a lookout to Watch Vampire Diaries: The Return Nightfall Live Streaming and any updates on the upcoming The Vampire Diaries: The Return Shadow Souls.


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