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MANNY “PACMAN” PACQUIAO: 1 Pound-For-Pound Fighter for 2009

MANNY “PACMAN” PACQUIAO is still boxing's No. 1 pound-for-pound fighter for 2009. The spectacular boxer was favoured over Juan Manuel Marquez who is said to be his close rival for this prestigious title.

Dan Rafael, a boxing residence of recognized Pacquiao’s ability to not only showcase a good fights but stirs up the attention and the excitement of the fans every time he is to face an opponent.

“When the Pacman fights, the boxing world watches. He's one of the sport's biggest stars, he fights top-notch opponents, and every time he gets into the ring it's entertaining as hell,” Rafael wrote.

I always believe that Manny deserved this title because of his clean fighting style, and his audacity in fighting high caliber opponents from around the world.
Here are the top complete pound for pound boxing rankings from Sports Illustrated.

1. Manny Pacquiao (48-3-2)

Pacquiao has been dazzling at whatever weight class he chooses to fight. On May 2, the Pac-Man gets an opportunity to rule the junior welterweight division when he takes on 140-pound kingRicky Hatton. A win over Hatton all but guarantees a shot at former pound-for-pound champ Floyd Mayweather Jr., who many feel is lurking in anticipation of a Pacquiao victory.

2. Juan Manuel Marquez (50-4-1)

Marquez's power seems to increase with his weight. He ended his first two fights at lightweight with spectacular knockouts and has clearly established himself as the world's dominant 135-pounder. A fight with another lightweight contender likeNate Campbell could be a prelude to an eventual showdown with Hatton at 140.

3. Shane Mosley (46-5)

The 37-year-old Mosley looked 10 years younger in dismantling Antonio Margarito in January. Forget titleholder Andre Berto -- the world wants to see a rematch between Mosley and Miguel Cotto to determine the true welterweight champion.

4. Bernard Hopkins (48-5-1)

Who will the ageless Hopkins fight next? Chad Dawson is a logical opponent if Hopkins stays at light heavyweight, but B-Hop has expressed an interest in fighting cruiserweight champTomasz Adamek. Is fighting at 200 pounds biting off more than he can chew?

5. Chad Dawson (27-0)

Dawson's May 9 rematch with Antonio Tarver is a waste of everyone's time; Tarver was outclassed the first time, he will be outclassed again this time. The real fight for Dawson, if he can somehow raise his profile enough to make himself appealing enough, is against Hopkins.

6. Israel Vazquez (43-4)

Vazquez, who has been sidelined for more than a year following retina surgery, says he wants to return to the ring this summer, and he may do it at featherweight. That's only a good idea ifRafael Marquez moves up to 126 pounds with him. Vazquez will need a tune-up fight before any major showdown, but when he is ready, it should be a fourth fight with Marquez.

7. Kelly Pavlik (35-1)

Memo to HBO and Showtime: one of you needs to step up and make Pavlik-Arthur Abraham happen. If that means enticing Abraham to come Stateside this summer for a look-at-me fight with a fringe contender, so be it. Make it happen. The world needs to see a fight between the two most explosive middleweights in boxing.

8. Miguel Cotto (33-1)

Cotto rebounded nicely from last summer's savage beating at the hands of Antonio Margarito with an equally savage victory over Michael Jennings. Word is that Cotto will fight granite-chinned fellow titleholder Joshua Clottey in June in New York. That's a good fight for Cotto, who will probably have to box for 12 rounds to defeat Clottey.

9. Paul Williams (36-1)

I keep hearing how Williams isn't exciting enough or a big enough name to warrant a fight with any of the welterweight, junior welterweight or middleweight contenders. Huh? Has anyone actually been watching Williams the past two years? He has ricocheted in and out of three different weight classes and has been winning in staggeringly impressive fashion. If he can be equally as impressive againstWinky Wright next month, Williams will have earned a shot at either Mosley or Pavlik.

10. Vic Darchinyan (32-1-1)

First, Darchinyan beats (and shuts up) Cristian Mijares. Then he goes out and dismantles Jorge Arce after telling everyone he was going to do just that. My kind of fighter. Rumor has it that Darchinyan is looking to move up to bantamweight to fight eitherAnselmo Moreno or Joseph Agbeko.


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