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Watch WEC 51 Aldo vs Gamburyan Live Stream

Jose Aldo will be out to prove that he is still the best in his field of martial arts. After his stunning unanimous victory over Urijah Faber in his last fight, Aldo will be meeting a powerhouse fighter by the name of Manvel Gamburyan. As the reigning WEC Featherweight champion, he is all set to face the tough challenger in a fight to the finish. How the fight will turn out will depend on just how good an MMA artist he is. That is one good fight to watch.

Featherweight champ Jose Aldo is a consummate striker, winning six of his seven WEC fights by a stunning knock-out. That is certainly one quality his opponents are wary about. His black belt in Jiu-jitsu means nothing for those who had prepared to face him the wrong way. It’s easy to imagine the faces of all those Aldo fought when they kiss the canvass floor.

Gamburyan is another story. He is a formidable foe as seen in his three previous fights. If he can’t knock his opponent down, he will stay standing until the end of the entire match. The scores will simply hand the victory over to him. And he might just pull it off, finally laying claim to the much coveted Featherweight championship belt.

Of course, the “Pitbull” will be out for blood. Fresh from his shocking first-round knock-out over Mike Brown, Gamburyan is determined to bring the reigning king down from his lofty place. And he’s got the records to prove it. He had faced many top-ranked foes and his heart, stamina, and skill shines all throughout. Aldo will be up against a granite wall the moment he steps inside the fighting cage. Gamburyan might just pull it off and hand Aldo his second ever loss.


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