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Watch Erik Morales vs Limond Live Stream

Watch Erik Morales vs Limond Live Stream
tonight, September 11, 2010 live at Plaza Mexico, Mexico.

Morales is currently the WBC International Welterweight champion. Limond, meanwhile, is the current WBU Lightweight champion. Both fighters will be coming to the ring with determination. They can’t afford to lose in this match. For Morales, this will be his chance to prove once and for all that he is not yet out. For Limond, this will be an opportunity to prove himself as a fighter to be feared by all.

Limond will have to be careful around Morales as he might suddenly find himself kissing the cold canvass floor. That should be enough warning as the older boxer has faced boxers that are now giants in boxing history, for example, Barrera and Pacquiao. Sure, the younger man can bring anyone down with his hands of steel, but when it comes to stamina and techniques, Morales will dominate.

The only question that remains is whether the Morales can keep up the fight and bring his opponent down. Only way to find out is to stay tune tonight and Watch Erik Morales vs Limond Live Stream in pay-per-view.


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