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Watch UFC 115 Live: Liddell vs Franklin Fight Predictions

It’s still a huge debate on who’ll win UFC 115 Live. Some people pick Chuck Liddell. Some experts assume it’s a bounce return to fame for Rich Franklin and for those who are still questioning, their tongues are still tied.

Chuck Liddell is a popular MMA veteran when he became the number one contender in light heavyweight division in 2002. At forty-year-old, Liddell is not done yet. Although there were talks of Liddell’s retirement in 2009, he announced that he’s facing Tito Ortiz at the main event in UFC 115 Live.

Unfortunately, Ortiz chose to pull out from the challenge due to neck injury and was replaced by Rich Franklin, the former middleweight champion.

“I respect Rich and I think he’s a bigger challenger [than Tito] for sure, so that motivates you more to get into the gym and I’ve gotta be prepared. I’ve got to show up ready to go or I’ll pay for it. I don’t see it being a problem.”

Liddell admitted in an interview and he also answered the rumours of retirement after the fight.

“At the end of the fight, I’ll decide what I want to do next. I’m planning on making another run at the title — that’s what I want to do, so we’ll see what happens.”

Rich Franklin is five years younger than Chuck Liddell. Also known as Ace, he is a pro fighter specializing in Freestyle fighting, Kickboxing, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and Muay Thai.

Franklin’s two out of three fights in 2009 were both against American Dan Henderson and Brizilian Vitor Belfort and the only win came in UFC 99 against Wanderlei of Brazil. Currently, Franklin’s recent MMA Record closed at 26 Wins to 5 Losses.

Before the fight, Franklin admitted that the preparation period is extremely intense. He hadn’t envisioned himself to fight Chuck Liddell.

"If I cut back down to 185, it's a completely different cut to make it and I will have completely undone everything I've done to put on the size I have. I want to make a run for the title and I don't want to keep doing things that are counterproductive to that, like fights at 195.”

“You can't count Chuck out of any fight.” He continued. “Yeah, he hasn't fought in a year, and yeah, he's lost four of his past five fights, but look at what he's done over the span of his career. He's a legend and he has beaten such an incredible list of opponents, it would be a huge mistake to look past a guy like him."

Watch UFC 115 Live Stream on Saturday and tune in to the main event
at 10 pm ET.


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