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UFC 115 Live Stream | Watch Liddell vs Franklin Live

Liddell vs Franklin Live Stream fight is definitely one to watch for, as it features two legendary fighters: Chuck Liddell and Rich Franklin. Liddell is best remembered as being one of the two mixed-martial artists, along with Randy Couture to introduce MMA to the mainstream American viewers. He is a very technical fighter, often using punches and kicks in quick succession to weaken his opponent’s position and confuse him. Liddell is also noted for his infamous feuds against Tito Ortiz, another hard-hitting MMA fighter. Their matches are often the most-awaited events in the pasts, and it’s still clear that these two are the favorites because they are again facing each other in UFC 115 Live Stream main card.

Rich Franklin is another MMA fighter well-worth his salt. A Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu practitioner, his take-downs are considered some of the most dangerous moves in the Octagon. Anyone who had faced attests to his skill in keeping his enemies down and keeping them there for extended periods of time. He is also an excellent slugger, having trained under Rob Radford. Opponents often keep a watchful eye on his fists as one punch is enough to send the unfortunate recipient to dreamland. What remains to be seen is whether he can bring these moves to work against another legend.

Watch UFC 115 Live Stream now.


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