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Watch Cotto vs Foreman Live Stream

Watch Cotto vs Foreman Live Stream this time not in pay-per-view but in HBO live from the Yankee Stadium, Bronx, New York, USA this Saturday, June 05, 2010.

Why Cotto vs Foreman Live Stream is worth watching?

Miguel Cotto is one of the most seasoned fighters in his division, taking on opponents that are obviously bigger and stronger than
him. However, his string of defeats at the hands of his opponents seems to be the sign that he’s no longer the fighter he used to be. Age, plus size, appears to be his detriments. Going down one weight class is also not an option, since Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather, Jr., and others are waiting to greet him inside the ring. He had also previously stated that 2010 will be his last year in boxing. So going for a title fight might just be his way of bowing out in a blaze of glory. And if he wins the belt, that’s one more victory that he can tack up his wall.

Yuri Foreman, on the other, is one of those you might call as an upstart fighter. But he’s definitely no amateur. He is currently the undefeated champion of their class. His success inside the ring had resulted in speculations that he will be the one to emerge victorious in his match against Cotto.

Come to think of it, Yankee Stadium is a big venue. Not the right one if it’s for the losing Puerto Rican, but just right for the champion Israeli. Of course, fans of boxing in New York will come for Cotto, who’s their favorite to win. But who will leave the Stadium a winner? Watch Cotto vs Foreman Live Stream in pay-per-view to see it as it happens.


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