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Watch Atlanta Hawks vs Orlando Magic Live Stream

Watch Atlanta Hawks vs Orlando Magic Live Stream The Orlando Magic simply dominate the Atlanta Hawks in their meetings, out rebounding, out hustling, and outscoring hugely! The Hawks just don't have the answer to Howard's dominance on both ends of the court. That's on their first 2 meetings.

The Atlanta Hawks just came out of 7-game ward over the Bucks, bodies bruised, wounds unhealed and literally caught off guard against the massive strength of the Magic. They were blown out in their first meeting 114-71, a 43 point margin that should be forgotten to go on to the second game but still they lost, making 2-0 down in the series. Game 3 in the series, this time the Hawks are ready to soar high against the Magic.

Watch Atlanta Hawks vs Orlando Magic Live Stream The Magic looks very confident to win coming into this game. But Magic coach Stan Van Gundy always reminds his boys that it is just a game win, the series is far from over. Most teams that won by blowout in the first game lost their next game, that's not what Gundy wants to happen to his team. They must treat the next game as an entirely different game. And so as the Hawks.

Even losing greatly in the first 2 meetings, the Hawks are still in the series. They can still came back and show the Magic what they got. The cast of Hornford, Joe Johnson and Josh Smith will go down without a good fight as the Hawks fighting spirit must be. The Magic must be ready for a fight.

Can the Hawks regain their pride in game 3 or will the Magic crush the Haws again? Watch Atlanta Hawks vs Orlando Magic Live Stream.


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