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Bellator Fighting Championships Oklahoma

On April 17, a Bellator Fighting Championships show will be held in Lloyd Noble Center in Norman, Oklahoma. Tickets are available on Ticketmaster stating today and you can also watch Bellator Fighting Championships live stream online.

Tournament Bouts:
* Hector Lombard vs. Virgil Lozano
* Alex Andrade vs. Damien Stelly
* Daniel Tabera vs. Jared Hess
* Yosmany Cabezas vs. Edwin Aguilar

Non-tournament Bouts:
* Dave Menne vs. Norman Paraisy
* Brandi Hainey vs. Kerry Vera
* William Albrecht vs. Mike Messina
* Troy Kious vs. Lewis Washington
* Johnny Eduardo vs. Eric Payne
* Marcelo Alfaia vs. Joey Gorczynski
* Ariel Gandulla vs. Jason Norwood


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