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Watch Fedor vs Henderson Live stream

Watch Fedor vs Henderson Live stream The best of the best fighters Fedor Emelianenko takes on Strikeforce Light Heavyweight Championship Dan Henderson in an arguably the best strikeforce fight to date.

Fedor Emelianenko considered as the greatest hevyweight fighter of all time is undefeated for over a decade capturing almost every titles in the Mixed Martial Art World, until his two successive losses lately, one from a submission and another due to Doctor stoppage. This 2 losses still proves that Fedor is unbeatable in striking and wrestling. No one has ever stopped Fedor on punches or win over him via decision.

Dan Henderson is a name most MMA fans knew for quite some time. Behind Fedors popularity there is always than name Henderson on the background just waiting for the right time to take the limelight. And now could be time to rise up into the occasion and grab the pinnacle of MMA heavyweights. He is the champion but could be the underdog in this matchup and that scenario just placed him in the position to prove himself against the legend.

Watch Fedor vs Henderson Live stream is a titanic clash of the best heavyweight MMA fighter in the world which strikeforce must not miss.

Can Fedor break his silence rise up to the occasion proving to the world that he is still the Fedor Emelianenko we all know or can Dan Henderson take the spotlight? Watch Fedor vs Henderson Live stream.


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