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Amir Khan vs Zab Judah Live Stream

Amir Khan vs Zab Judah Live Stream The boxing industry has never seen an impressive boxing showdown for quite sometime. Pacquiao has a not so explosive in his last outing, Mayweather is ducking great fights and settles for lousy ones, and Juan Manuel Marquez, well his last victory seems like a scripted one.

With these boxing powerhouse cannot deliver the much needed excitement the fans have, here come two of the better fighters in the welterweight division. Amir "King" Khan, who promise to knockout his opponent with his superb power punching. He is "the next big thing" billed by most boxing analyst in boxing. He is trained by Freddie Roach , the same trainer behind the success of Manny Pacquiao. With these factors at hand he can sure knockout his opponent for all the trash talking.

Amir Khan vs Zab Judah Live Stream His opponent is non other than the 5-time champion himself Zab Judah. Many believe that Judah's career will go down the drain after his successive 3 losses but he proved them wrong. Judah has renewed his ways and trained harder than any boxer in history to rally a 5 win streak in his way to capture the IBF Lightweight championship.

When all said and done these two fighter will meet in the ring to unify the belts they have but more than that is to secure the pinnacle of boxing greats. Amir Khan vs Zab Judah, this is a fight that will rejuvenate the world of boxing, a clash of great proportions is on its way. Who will reign supreme in this collision? Watch Amir Khan vs Zab Judah Live Stream.


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